When Is The Right Time To Buy New Mercruiser Exhaust Manifolds?


If you are a boat owner, then this is for you.


Perhaps, the greatest understanding about the boat motors and its parts take a backseat until a problem is encountered. This is something far from safety, and wisdom.


As a boat owner, you have the responsibility of checking the motor and its parts at regular intervals. It doesn’t hurt that worse than failing on the waters.


You could be gambling with your Mercruiser engine’s life if the exhausts don’t work well. Most importantly, this gamble may end you up in deep troubles.


Generally, if you bring the OEM Mercruiser Exhaust Manifolds, it works fine for 5 years, more or less. We have rounded the number on 5 years due to its exposure to the salt water. However, it could go upward to 10 years in freshwater applications.


So, how to find out that it needs a replacement?


Check the following to learn about the exhausts.


  • Water seepage into the exhaust jacket is a troubling sign, especially when it indicates the wearing of the gasket.
  • Do the exhaust ports have rust or water on it? If yes, it’s a red flag.
  • Check the two riser elbow temperature balance and see if it is mismatched. Conduct an internal inspection if there is a mismatch.


The final decision on replacing the manifolds should come after detailed inspection.


You can visit online websites, such as Marinepartshouse.com to order Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, or OMC exhaust manifolds or any other boat motor parts at highly competitive prices. Shop online and save money on OEM boat motor parts.

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