Video: 161ft superyacht crushed as drawbridge closes on it

The Monday morning rush hour was disrupted in South Florida as a drawbridge slipped and fell, crushing a superyacht on its way through.

The 161ft yacht named Rockstar was stopped in its tracks by the bridge, which had broken and slipped after heavy storms. The accident took place on the Intracoastal Waterway at Broad Causeway in Bay Harbour Island on Monday 3rd December.

Bay Harbour Island’s Town Manager, Ron Wasson, who can be heard in full in the video above, said:

“In this case it looks like it was kind of a perfect storm. We had a very strong windstorm come through, not uncommon to South Florida.”

“You could see that it was pouring rain, very strong wind, and the bridge leaf just started to break, just couldn’t hold it at the top, and it came down kind of in slow motion.”

“Once we got our engineers on scene we were able to lift the leaf off the boat and get that out of the way,” he added.

Bay Harbour is now undergoing repairs to the drawbridge.

The U.S. Coast Guard have said that only half of the bridge is now able to open, and therefore movement is restricted to vessels taller than 16ft and 40ft wide.

Luckily none of the 15 people on board were hurt in the accident, however, we wouldn’t want to vouch for that radar arch.

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